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Human Risks

Human Risks Insurance solutions for protection at an individual and group level

In the words of Henry Ford, “The two most important things to a business don't appear on its balance sheet, its reputation and its people”.
Both can be put on the line when facing a critical incident involving an employee. There are extensive risks businesses face when deploying staff or traveling globally. These can be amplified when it involves Africa and certain high-risk territories.
   There are insurance products available to mitigate these risks or provide the support, expertise, and resource to deal with them when it can’t be avoided. Our Human Risks team are on standby to discuss these, understand your business requirements and find the right solutions.


Cover in the event of a life-threatening medical emergency and/or where local facilities are not suitable to 
treat a medical condition

Kidnap, Ransom 
and Extortion

Provides crisis and risk management 
support, access to expert negotiators and ultimately ransom settlement in the occurrence of insured events including kidnap, extortion, hijack, illegal detention, mysterious disappearance, and hostage crisis.

Travel Insurance

Protects against travel complications like missed connections, delays, overbooking and lost or damaged luggage, and provides benefits like emergency assistance services, medical evacuation, and natural disaster evacuation

Travel Assistance Membership 

Focuses on medical, security and natural disaster responses in the event 
of an emergency 
away from home.

Our Health & Life 
Partnership with JW Seagon

In our commitment to providing our clients with the best possible solutions, ART have formed a strategic partnership with JW Seagon, a leading specialist Health and Life brokerage with an exceptional track record in the Indian Ocean islands and the African continent.


International Private Medical Insurance provides extensive cover for medical expenses and healthcare services to companies, individuals, and families. Whether it’s inpatient cover only or full cover including wellness, optometry, and dentistry and/or maternity, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Life and Related Covers 

Group Life or individual life cover is a key element to estate planning and protecting your, or your employees’ families’, futures. This can be based on life cover only or with added benefits such as disability and critical illness cover.

Business Insurance

Life cover can also be structured to provide business or shareholder protections, such as:

Key Person cover

Protects your business against the death of an individual whose loss would negatively affect your operations.

Partnership cover

In the event of your death these policies assist your remaining partner/s to purchase your shares in the business
Debbie Dando
Debbie Dando

M: +230 5511 6756.

Debbie heads up the Human Risks division.

Her expertise spans across key areas such as International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI), Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion, Evacuation, Travel, Life, Disability, and Critical Illness coverages. 

Debbie will also steer the collaboration between ART and JW Seagon, and expand ART’s offerings in international health and life insurance.