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Property and Engineering

Operational covers for property owners in retail, commercial, industrial, and warehousing sectors

As Benjamin Franklin famously said, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

Our Property and Liability team boasts extensive expertise and skill in crafting bespoke insurance solutions, vital for safeguarding your organization against risks tied to both your physical assets and the accompanying legal liabilities inherent in operating your business.

Assets All Risks (AAR)

An Assets All Risks policy is designed to protect your physical assets against a wide range of perils such as fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events. The Material Damage coverage offers comprehensive protection for property such as buildings, equipment, and inventory.

The Business Interruption coverage steps in to mitigate financial losses stemming from covered events that disrupt regular business operations, ensuring compensation for ongoing expenses and lost income until operations can fully recover to pre-damage levels.

General Public Liability (GPL)

Owning and operating a property carries inherent risk of third-party bodily injury or property damage. A general public liability policy is a vital safeguard to your company providing financial protection against potential legal liabilities that could arise. This policy extends to cover legal fees and costs as well as damages.

Erection All Risks (EAR)

Erection All Risks insurance provides comprehensive coverage for the erection and installation of machinery, equipment, and structures, protecting against damage or loss during the construction phase until the project is completed and handed over. This cover can also be extended to cover third party liability at the site as well.

Advanced Loss of Profit (ALOP)

Advanced Loss of Profit (ALOP) insurance, alternatively referred to as Delay in Start-Up (DSU) insurance, provides coverage for financial losses stemming from project delays directly related to damages covered under the CAR or EAR policy. This specialized insurance compensates for projected lost revenue and additional expenses incurred during the delay period, offering protection to businesses against the potentially devastating impacts of construction delays on their bottom line.

Marine Cargo

Imported equipment, machinery, or construction materials play a vital role in ensuring timely project delivery. However, the risk of damage or loss during transit, whether at sea or on land, poses a significant threat, potentially resulting in unforeseen replacement costs. Moreover, delays in receiving these crucial items can have cascading effects on project timelines, leading to disruptions and handover delays.

To mitigate these risks, a well-structured Marine Cargo policy for a project offers essential coverage for goods in transit by sea, air, or land, providing financial protection against loss or damage during transportation. This comprehensive policy not only safeguards against unexpected expenses for replacing damaged or lost items but also helps address the associated delays through coverage extensions, such as linking Advanced Loss of Profit (ALOP) or Delay in Start-Up (DSU) insurance to the Marine Cargo policy.

Sadia Van Wyk
Sadia van Wyk

M: +230 5744 3425

A senior corporate broker with over 21 years in broking, underwriting, and reinsuring, specializes in handling large, complex multinational clients. Her expertise spans pre-renewal, placing, and post-renewal processes, showcasing proficiency in working independently or collaboratively. Sadia excels under high-pressure situations, emphasizing organizational skills and a commitment to meeting deadlines.

Farzana Pokeerbux
Farzana Pokeerbux

M: +230 5989 4334

An experienced insurance underwriter, is passionate about risk assessment and client satisfaction. Devoted to providing tailored solutions, Farzana excels in fostering positive relationships, boosting team morale, and achieving collective goals. She is reliable, supportive, and strives to make a positive impact, one policy at a time.