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Structured Solutions

Our recently established Structured Solutions Team brings together individuals with extensive experience in both the Insurance and Banking sectors.

Operating throughout the African continent and across a variety of sectors, such as financial services, energy and utilities, construction, commodities (both hard and soft) and real estate, we offer bespoke insurance solutions to our local and foreign clients.

We have secured cover for both sovereign and private obligors of varying tenors with significant policy limits at competitive pricing. 

There is flexibility within the product coverage to insure against a non-payment event in challenging jurisdictions, solutions can be structured on behalf of a variety of organisations, such as:

Non- Payment Insurance

Non payment Insurance is also known as Credit Risk Insurance can protect banks and other financial institutions in case of failure of the borrower to pay back loans.

Non-Payment Insurance (NPIs) policies are contracts issued by insurance companies to institutions seeking a form of credit risk mitigation for their liabilities to third parties (such as financial obligations under a credit facility). NPI policies can protect lenders by insuring the Credit Risk and better manage their increasingly expensive capital.

In addition to act as a risk mitigant, insurance functions as a stop loss arrangement to enable insurers to assist the banks in obtaining capital relief and leverage the banks credit limit on the obligor.

Bond and Guarantees

Authorized financial institutions such as insurance companies provide bonds and guarantees as financial tools to help improve credit risk in transactions. Bonds and guarantees insure against the failure of an individual or organization to fulfil a commitment or financial obligation.

Political Risk Insurance (PRI)

Political Risk Insurance (PRI) policies protect the balance sheet if a governmental intervention impairs a client’s financial interest in an asset located in a high-risk country.

International Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance shields a company’s cash flow or debtors’ book against failures or non-payment by customers, including consequences from both import and export commerce.

Our products focus on mitigating transactional default across all sectors in the following areas:

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