ART African Risk Transfer


Structured Solutions

Our recently established Structured Solutions Team brings together individuals with extensive experience in both the Insurance and Banking sectors.

Our products focus on mitigating transactional default exposures across sectors
There is a flexibility within the product coverage to insure against a non-payment event in challenging jurisdictions, solutions can be structured with a variety of organisations, such as:

Receivables Financing

Receivables financing is a funding method where a company leverages its outstanding invoices to access immediate cash.
Trade Finance

Trade Finance

Trade finance comprises financial instruments and services aiding international trade by mitigating risks and facilitating transactions.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions are organizations providing a range of financial services, including banking, lending, and investment management.
Commodity Trade Finance and Structures

Commodity Trade Finance and Structures

Commodity trade finance involves funding methods for trading commodities, often using structured financing arrangements to manage risks.

Debt Financing

Debt financing is raising capital by borrowing money, typically through loans or bonds, with agreed repayment terms.

Export Finance

Export finance involves financing solutions to facilitate international trade, enabling businesses to expand their global market presence.
Specialised Lending

Specialised Lending

Specialized lending offers tailored financial solutions, often for unique or non-standard situations, meeting specific borrower needs.

Acquisition Finance

Acquisition finance is securing funds to acquire another company, using various methods, like loans or equity investments.

Infrastructure Finance

Infrastructure finance involves funding large-scale projects like roads and bridges, essential for economic development and public services.

Project Finance

Project finance is a structured approach to funding large, specific ventures, relying on the project’s revenue potential.